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Top 12 Things To Do in Orlando on a Budget

Evening view of Orlando city

A trip to a place like Orlando offers something new and exciting. It attracts millions of visitors each year because of its breathtaking views, incredible events, and fun activities to relish. So, when it comes to delight with friends and family, this place has a lot to offer. Here you will get to know about the top things to do in Orlando.


Are you planning a trip to Orlando? If yes, it’s time to make your itinerary which includes all the fun activities and other things you will do here. Here are some popular things you can enjoy that we have categorized for you. Read further to have a look at these things.

Walt Disney World resort

Walt Disney World resort

Traveling to Orlando and not visiting Walt Disney World resort will make your trip incomplete. It’s the first place any individual strives to see. This resort every time has something new to attract its visitors. There are four theme parks, two water parks, a dining district, and a shopping district at Walt Disney World resort. It is one of the most widespread places visited by multiple people because of its incredible attraction. It is therefore advisable to visit here at least once in a lifetime.

Universal’s Island of Adventure

Universal’s Island of Adventure

There are considerable theme parks in Orlando that tend to cater to specific age groups or tastes. But Universal’s Island of Adventure has something for all. From impressive themed rides and rollercoasters to live-action stunts to entertainment stunts. For those who prefer their adrenaline fix closer to ground level, immersive simulators put you in the middle of your favorite movie. The theme park is perfect to relish with your family.

Lake Eola Park

Lake in a city

Located in the heart of Orlando, Lake Eola Park is a relaxing stroll. From relishing the beautiful views of the lake to a walk in the park, you can have picturesque views here. As the park is around Lake Eola, you can take joy with rented swan paddle boats. Other than this, movies, live concerts, and performances are certain things you will cherish here. Add this to your list of things to do in Orlando.

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Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Disney’s magic kingdom

Disney’s first-ever theme park, Magic Kingdom is one of the most popular theme parks in Orlando and embraces 6 different lands of fun and adventure with 20 million people every year. It contains various dining-inspired shows, parades, rides, rollercoasters, and more. The most electrifying event is when famous fireworks display every night at the iconic Cinderella castle. If you are planning for a family trip, know these top things to do in Orlando for families.

Spook Hill

Steep Road

Spook Hill is Orlando’s favorite spot, which makes the trip incomplete without this place. Many individuals from outlying areas come and visit this dazzling place. It has a unique attraction at Lake Wales, around an hour’s drive south of Downtown. The hill has been conveyed to be haunted. If you like to explore such places, add this to your list.

Orlando Science Center

Trees and a building

A trip with kids makes the parents enhance their knowledge. There are a lot of interactive exhibits, theatres, labs, and more according to your needs at Orlando Science Center, which has been attracting kids and adults for over 60 years. It will be a whole new experience for your child, and they will learn a lot in the Science center.

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group

Theatre, rock concert, dance party, and comedy is all united to create the Blue Man Group. The performances usually occur at Universal Orlando Resort. And it is a perfect partner to enjoy the nightlife. It contains talented performers worldwide featuring an upbeat trio of multi-instrumentalists. So, do not overlook adding this place to the list when planning a trip to Orlando.

Food Festivals

Are you foody? If so, there’s no chance of not visiting the food festival. During magical dining month, you can enjoy a three-course meal at participating restaurants and support a local charity. During the spring times, Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando Resort, and in October, the Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic at Walt Disney World. You will relish the food truck rallies all year long.

Church Street in Orlando

Many big and best restaurants are offered here. With its incredible nightlife scene and ionic railroad depot, many people love to visit this area. The place is best when you want to know the downtown better. Those who are curious about the location and seeking a better place to eat should visit Church Street in Orlando.

Chocolate Kingdom in Orlando

Chocolate Kingdom in Orlando

Chocolate is always the first love for many people, and to your amazement, you have a chance to take an interactive journey to discover how chocolate is formed. Explore the journey of bean to the bar and from the bar to your belly. Figure out more about the machinery involved with making chocolate on the Micro Batch Bean-to-the-Bar tour at the center after exploring its Cacao Tree Greenhouse and Mystical River of Chocolate.

Disney Springs Orlando

Disney Springs Orlando

It is one such complex that is a complete mixture of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. The place is the biggest in Orlando with around 110 shops. One can readily spend an entire day here with friends and family, experiencing everything they offer. The shops have everything of your need, from housewares and gifts to toys and accessories. So, do not forget to visit here when going to Orlando.

Harry P. Leu Gardens Orlando



Best for couples and families, Harry P. Leu Garden contains 50 acres of beautiful lakes, gardens, and forests. The park was made by Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Leu who traveled the world. On every visit, they bring exotic plants and over 240 varieties of camellias for their gardens. And after this, the Leu family gifted the property to the city of Orlando to preserve the lush gardens. So, this can be one of the places you can visit to spend quality time with friends and family and make memories with incredible photos.

Are you ready to explore the exotic views and places of Orlando?

The wondrous diversity of Orlando, its unforgettable views, and its unique fun activities make it a city of heaven. And when it comes to enjoying different places and things, it never runs out of that. You will cherish lifetime memories once you visit the place.

We have put some incredible things you can do after visiting Orlando. Have a look at them, and do not forget to experience them. Are you planning a trip to Orlando? Don’t wait for a sec, and book your tickets and hotels now. Do not miss the chance to relax in a city that never sleeps and is constantly illuminated by fireworks at night. Book your next trip with Mysittivacations now and create memories that will last a lifetime

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