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Top 10 Things to Do in Orlando on a Budget

Things to Do in Orlando Today

When you plan a trip to Orlando, you must ensure that it is more than merely a visit to Disneyland. Moreover, if you plan to complete the trip within a strict budget, consider visiting other places instead of Disneyland. First, however, you must add several things regarding what to do on an Orlando trip.

If you plan to take your family to Orlando, you must list things to do there. In your list of things to do in Orlando, you must ensure that it includes outdoor activities, visiting the essential tourist spots, and eating at some of the best budget restaurants. Reading a few travel blogs is also essential to get an idea of things you can do in Orlando on a budget.

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Things to Do Near Orlando



If you want to stay within a budget and want to give Disneyland a miss, then plan your trip so that you get to see the following best things in the city. Orlando has more to offer than Disney land, and here are some of the best places:

  • Disney Springs

On a strict budget, this is one of the favorite haunts of the locals and tourists. As you do not have to pay any entrance fee to enter Disney Springs, you can stay within your budget and enjoy a Disney-themed entertainment complex. Here is what you can do in Disney Springs:

  • The complex boasts several restaurants and bars where you can relax and enjoy a perfect meal with your friends and family.
  • The entire complex has several entertainment options, ensuring you do not feel bored even for a moment.
  • Disney Springs also has Disney Photo Pass Studio, where you can take pictures to make your trip to Orlando all the more memorable. The service is free; you will only have to purchase these photos from the My Disney Experience app or the studio.
  • If you enjoy hot air balloon rides, you can book one from Disney Springs that will take you over Disney Springs and Walt Disney World Resort.

MySittiVacation Pro Tip: It takes nearly a day to enjoy the sights and entertainment the Disney Springs complex offers. Hence, you should plan your trip accordingly to keep a whole day aside for Disney Springs.

  • Universal Citywalk

This place boasts live DJs and eclectic music. But, do not think that the Universal Citywalk is where only youngsters and adults can enjoy an evening out. There are several splash fountains around the Citywalk that your children will enjoy. Hence this must feature in your list of things to do in Orlando.

When you visit the Citywalk, ensure you enjoy the food the complex restaurants offer. In addition, you can enjoy free concerts and live DJs on the Citywalk. It is a favorite among locals who enjoy visiting the Citywalk for a casual evening. However, if you want to enjoy all aspects of the Citywalk, you need to keep several hours in a day aside for it.

MySittiVacation Pro Tip: When you take a trip to the Citywalk, ensure that you take a free water taxi between the entertainment district and Universal Orlando’s Theme Parks.

  • Orlando Brewing

Florida is famous for its local breweries and micro-brewing. You can spend a day exploring Orlando Brewing. At Orlando Brewing, you can enjoy good food and organic beer. You can spend nearly half a day at Orlando Brewing. The Brewing center is located next to the Amtrak Station. The thirty-minute tour of Orlando Brewing will give you an idea of the brewery’s history directly from the brewmaster.

The place is also famous for its excellent finger food that you can enjoy with organic beer. It will give you a chance to enjoy beer that has been freshly brewed in a brewery. Here you can enjoy dart games, board games, and live music. Despite being a brewery, it is a place that you can enjoy even with your children. Live music is the primary attraction of Orlando Brewing.

MySittiVacation Pro Tip: If you visit the Orlando Brewing, you should visit it on Friday or Saturday. You will have live music these days, and your children will enjoy it the most.

  • Cornell Fine Arts Museum

Orlando is known for its museums, art, and architecture. The Cornell Fine Arts Museum is located on the campus of Rollins College in Winter Park. The museum has nearly 5600 artifacts and archaeological fragments from classical antiquity and old European Masters.

If you like visiting a museum and you are an Art buff, you must plan a visit to the Cornell Fine Arts Museum. There is no entry fee for the Cornell Fine Arts Museum and you can visit it all year round. The museum is enjoyable even for children, as they have a separate play area. You can let your children play on the grounds and enjoy the greenery of the play area.

MySittiVacation Pro Tip: A visit to the Cornell Fine Arts Museum takes several hours, so you must keep nearly half a day aside for the trip.



If you feel you must visit Disneyland; otherwise, your Orlando trip will be incomplete, you can also do it on a budget. All you need to do to visit Disneyland on a budget is to plan the trip carefully. Here are some things you should do to enjoy Disneyland on a budget.

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Things to Do Near Orlando
  • It is best to plan a trip to Disneyland around September as there will be less crowd and the ticket prices will be less. In addition, most families would have returned to start school, and if you have no such requirement to fulfill, you can plan a trip to Disneyland in September.
  • October to November is considered hurricane season, so avoid planning a trip to Disneyland during this period, even if you find the ticket prices low. You might end up not getting to visit Disneyland, and the entire trip might seem to be a waste.
  • If you plan on staying in the Walt Disney World Hotels and nearby hotels, ensure that you enjoy the pools of these hotels. Some of these pools are the best, even if a thunderstorm is brewing!
  • Another way to enjoy a trip to Disneyland on a budget is to plan it well ahead. You can book hotel rooms within your budget and enjoy excellent discounts.

MySittiVacation Pro Tip: To ensure that you can enjoy a trip to Disneyland on a budget, you need to make an itinerary and a clear schedule of the places you want to visit and the rides you want to enjoy.



When planning a trip to Orlando, you must keep some time aside to enjoy the various outdoor activities you can pursue in the city. There are several outdoor activities that both adults and children can enjoy in Orlando. Some of these activities are as follows:

  • Manatee Adventure: You can explore the Manatee capital of the world by going on a riverboat ride. It is a full-day trip; you can go snorkeling and swim with the manatees. In addition, you can enjoy a whole day watching the local wildlife, flamingos, and alligators. Finally, you can complete the trip by taking an airboat tour of the Withlacoochee River.
  • Sea life of Orlando Aquarium: If you want to enjoy an outdoor adventure with your children. You can pre-purchase the tickets to ensure that you can enjoy a hassle-free tour on the day. The aquarium has more than five thousand crustaceans, fishes, and marine animals. You can walk through a tunnel while octopuses and stingrays swim above your head.
  • Orlando indoor skydiving experience: This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do skydiving inside a room. This must feature in your list of things to do in Orlando. Orlando’s iFLY is an excellent experience where a jet of wind comes out at high speed from a tunnel. You can enjoy a skydiving experience by positioning yourself over these simulators with the aid of an expert. This will give you the same feeling of jumping out of an airplane and experiencing a successful ‘flying’ experience.
  • Orlando Bass Fishing Guide near Kissimmee: If you want a different experience that includes fishing, you must plan a fishing trip to Kissimmee. Here both locals and tourists go on fishing trips. You can book a cabin near the lakes to enjoy the trip or book a boat for three to five hours that will take you around the Butler Chain of Lakes. The boats are the best way to enjoy a fishing trip.
  • Visit Clearwater Beach: Orlando is in the state of Florida, and like other cities in the state, Orlando is known for its beaches. If you want to spend a day relaxing and enjoying yourself with friends and family, plan a trip to Clearwater Beach. The Beach is known for its white sand beaches and clear blue waters. You can even take a boat ride into the sea and watch the bottle-nosed dolphins jumping around your boat.

When planning an outdoor activity in Orlando, it is essential to check the weather and ensure that it is perfect for pursuing a particular activity. This is especially true if you plan on going bass fishing or spending a day on the Beach. This will ensure you make the most of your money on outdoor activity.



To complete any trip to Orlando, you must make it a point to enjoy the local cuisine and try food from some of the most famous restaurants in the city. However, even when you enjoy some of the best food the city offers, you can stay within a budget. Here are some of the best places to eat in Orlando:

  • The Melting Pot: If you want to enjoy American gluten-free and vegan food, but come at reasonable rates, then a visit to the Melting Pot is a must. This restaurant is known for its delectable range of vegan dishes. In addition, you will find that the restaurant’s ambiance complements the menu.
  • Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine: If you are looking for kebabs and grills, staples of Turkish cuisine, then you must pay a visit to the Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine. It is one of the few restaurants in Orlando with an extensive menu of non-vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Hunger Street Tacos: When you visit the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, make it a point to check out the Hunger Street Tacos. The primary location of the restaurant is in the heart of the city, while there is another inside Plant Street Market in Winter Garden. The restaurant is known for its Mexican dishes and delectable modern dishes like avocado tacos and mushroom quesadillas. The restaurant will give you a chance to experience authentic Mexican cuisine.
  • Kabooki Sushi: If you want to enjoy Japanese food within a budget, you must visit Kabooki Sushi. The restaurant is known for its range of sushi and sashimi. The restaurant is also known for its unique desserts like goat cheese, panna cotta, and beet cake.
  • Buttermilk Bakery: If you are fond of baked food, you should visit this bakery in Winter Park. The restaurant is a favorite of locals for breakfast. You can enjoy freshly baked croissants, tarts, and loaves of bread in the restaurant. If you want to enjoy Orlando’s morning sun, sit with a quiche on the restaurant’s patio and enjoy the pastry. The restaurant is known for its casual and laid-back ambiance.

Thus, a trip to the best and most budget restaurants in Orlando is a must to complete your trip to the city.

When you are planning a trip to Orlando, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, ensure that you plan a trip when it is not hurricane season and book the hotels some time in advance. This will help you save money and keep you within a budget. Once you have done all of these, you must enjoy the trip.

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