Solo Female Travel to Portland - Things to Do and Safety ||

Solo Female Travel to Portland – Things to Do and Safety

Travel to Portland

Portland, Oregon is overlooked but ranks as one of the best cities to visit for solo female travelers who want to enjoy a blend of nature and shopping. It is known as one of the “hippest” cities in the United States with lots of art, architecture, and LGBTQIA+ friendly communities.


To help you plan your trip to Portland, we’ve put together this article which will teach you some things to know about Portland, as well as the best time to visit, expected weather, safety statistics and tips, areas to avoid, where to stay, how to get around, covid restrictions, must see attractions and things to do, as well as the best places to shop, and some top events to look forward to.


Things to Know About Portland, Oregon


Travel to Portland


Portland sees about 29 million visitors a year, making it a popular, but somewhat overlooked tourist destination. Some of Portland’s most popular nicknames are Rose City, Bridge city, and The City of Roses. Portland is the hub of Oregon and is a must-see stop for anyone traveling along the west coast. The Portland International airport also makes Portland a great place to stay before going international.


Some of Portland’s best attractions are the incredible food and arts scene or the astounding greenery. It’s a beautiful city surrounded by beautiful nature. It’s also a great place to do some shopping because Oregon has no sales tax.


While pictures of Oregon might make the place look run-down, the air in Portland has a high salt content which wears things out and makes things look older than they are. This doesn’t mean that Oregon isn’t nice, it just means that you should give things a little grace for not looking pristine.


Portland Airport has its own level of attractions. It’s one of the best designed and well-kept airports in the country, with rotating musicians and an iconic carpet design.


Best Time to Visit Portland


Portland is busiest in the summer (June to August), which is considered the best time to visit because it has less rain and more sun. The city’s roses are also in full bloom during these months. Most travelers recommend at least five days to enjoy Portland. The cheapest time to fly to Portland is coincidentally also August.


With so many trees, Oregon is very pretty to visit during the fall (mid/late October through November), when all the leaves turn vibrant orange. If you enjoy


Weather In Portland


Portland is considered “rainy” with an average of 15 days of rain during each winter month. Portland’s rain tends to be light and doesn’t last very long, though the showers do go on and off all day. Don’t let the rain fool you though, Portland is known to occasionally have hot summers, and with high humidity, it can get uncomfortably muggy. The hottest month is August, with highs around 80F, and lows around 58F. The coldest month is December, with highs around 46F, and lows around 37F.


Portland is the second “most gloomy” city in the U.S. with a yearly average of 222 overcast days. It rarely snows on the city, but when it does there aren’t enough plows to clear the roads, so you’ll be stuck inside if this happens. Due to the mild climate, female travelers enjoy visiting year-round.


If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you’ll need to know that Oregon is one of the worst places in the world for grass seed pollen which blooms in spring. Pack allergy medicine just in case.


Is Portland Safe to Visit?


Portland is ranked extremely safe for solo female travelers to visit. Crime rates for Portland, Oregon are lower than that national average. Evening walks are safe, though solo travelers should be careful walking around alone or using public transportation at night.


Safety Tips for Visiting Portland Alone


Protests and riots in 2020 made Portland infamous. Despite media portrayal, the problem area was kept within a few city blocks. Residents reported no feelings of danger.


There aren’t any special safety tips you should know for visiting Portland other than general precaution. Theft and pickpocketing do still exist so don’t leave your stuff lying around. Let people know where you’re going and avoid the homeless should you see any. Watch your drinks and lock your car.


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