Las Vegas Attractions and Safety for Solo Female Travelers ||

Las Vegas Attractions and Safety for Solo Female Travelers

Solo Female Travel to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, affectionately named “Sin City,” is one of the top vacation spots for solo female travelers. The city is well known for its adult attractions, top-talent events, performances, and of course, casinos. What makes Las Vegas better than other travel destinations (especially for solo trips) is the density of attractions and the enormous amounts of things to do, all the time, all year long.

This article will help you learn about Las Vegas and plan your dream trip by giving you covid guidelines, safety tips for females traveling solo, popular attractions, and the best hotels and casinos.

About Las Vegas, Nevada  


Las Vegas is rated as one of the best resort cities in the world, but the biggest misconception about Sin City is that the most popular casinos and attractions are in Paradise, Nevada rather than the city of Las Vegas. The slight change of jurisdictions allows the casinos to avoid extra taxes and keep more of their money to themselves.

41 million people visit Las Vegas yearly, but they aren’t always gambling. Las Vegas is also home to over 22,000 conventions each year and takes its spot in the top ten places to visit for food. You can see Las Vegas from space, and it’s known as one of the brightest places on earth.

Las Vegas has a desert climate. The coldest month is December, with lows of 36°F at night, while the hottest month is July, with highs over 104°F during the day. Climate isn’t the only extreme, with notoriously liberal marriage laws, Las Vegas sees about 300 weddings a day. 

Attractions and Things to Do in Las Vegas 


While the Las Vegas Casinos are by far the most popular attraction, there is plenty of things to do in Las Vegas which doesn’t include gambling or casinos at all. These attractions are great for a day trip and are perfect to do alone or with a group. Make sure to check ahead for hours, tickets, and prices.

  1. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area 

While Las Vegas is eager to please any city-goer, it also steals the hearts of nature lovers with its massive mountains and stunning desert landscape. This canyon is only 17 miles from the Las Vegas Strip and shows off its beauty to more than 2 million visitors a year. And if you’re not a hiker, don’t sweat it, literally! Enjoy the 13-mile scenic drive the area has to offer.

  1. High Roller Observation Ferris Wheel 

Located next to the LINQ Promenade, the High Roller is a quick and affordable way to see the city from an aerial view as the wheel reaches over 550 feet. This is a great alternative to airplane and helicopter tours of the city and is very affordable at about $27 a ticket.

  1. The Mob Museum

Yes, The Mob Museum is a museum about organized crime. Yes, it’s cool. The museum is great for solo travelers because you can take things at your own pace, going as quickly or slowly as you want.

  1. Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck

What’s more romantic than a piece of Paris in the comforts of Nevada? This working half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower in France offers a restaurant and a 47-story view of the city. The skyline is beautiful. They would have made the tower into a full-size replica except for height concerns from the local airport.

  1. Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden 

Over 14,000 square feet and completely indoor, the Bellagio Botanical Garden is a stop that should be on your list. Five exhibits are rotated throughout the year and floral shows are constantly occupying the massive space.

  1. Hoover Dam

If you have access to a car, the Hoover Dam is a cool place to check out. The Dam has an interesting history as Lake Mead covers abandoned train tracks, wrecked ships, and tunnels made of cement. Built in the 1930’s the engineering behind the concrete makes it so sturdy that the dam, in theory, could last for more than 10,000 years.

  1. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Located in Luxor Hotel and Casino, the exhibit based on all things Titanic holds a treasure trove of wonders from the tragic ocean liner. From recreations of rooms and ship layouts, to recovered artifacts from the real ship itself, the exhibition has an impressive layout for anyone interested to wonder at. 

  1. Fremont Street Experience

Fremont street has so much to offer with nightly live music, zip-zilla zip lines, light shows, gambling and more. Not to mention there is also the Fremont Hotel and Casino which has been an iconic landmark in the soul of downtown Las Vegas for over 60 years.

  1. Shelby American, Inc

Shelby American is a famed race-car maker which presents and displays some of their most recognizable and successful models exhibited in a showroom for which they offer tours.   

  1. KA by Cirque du Soleil 

Picture this: 360-degree stage, genuine sword fights, battles fought vertically throughout the air, and aerial acrobatics. Cirque de Soleil offers all of this and more through its impressive and skillful performances. You will not waste your time or interest if you choose to attend one of these talent-filled performances.

Solo Female Travel to Las Vegas

Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos 

Las Vegas casinos are rare gems in the vacationing world because they offer so much to their visitors. Casinos offer hotel, food, and entertainment all rolled in one. Slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and poker aren’t the only things to do either. Each casino has unique attractions and restaurants. One could enjoy an amazing and full trip without leaving the lobby. One thing to be aware of when planning your trip though is that casinos always allow smoking in play areas and sometimes in rooms.

  1. The Venetian and The Palazzo

The Venetian is almost identical to Palazzo, though most say gambling is better in the Venetian. While most recognize them as two separate casinos, they technically operate as one, connected physically by the Canyon Ranch SpaClub. The SpaClub makes these the best casinos for those looking for a spa-oriented vacation. The spa has over 150 services to make you feel your freshest and most relaxed.

  1. Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is a Forbes Five Star luxury experience. It will cost a ton, but about everything they offer has won some sort of award. Award-winning restaurants, award-winning spas. Plus, nightlife, salons, shopping, and other entertainment.

  1. Aria Resort and Casino

The Aria Casino has one of the largest slot-machine floors in all of Las Vegas, including high-limit slot rooms costing up to $5,000 per pull. The casino itself is luxury, with expansive suites and the distinct smell of jasmine/vanilla. 

  1. The Mirage Casino

The Mirage Hotel is famous for several unique attractions including the Volcano which erupts nightly and the Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. As the name suggests, you can see beautiful dolphins, watch magnificent tigers, and swim within hidden oases within the garden.

  1. Mandalay Bay 

Mandalay Bay is the ocean brought inland. There’s over 2,500 tons of sand and a wave pool filled with 1.6 million gallons of water. Let’s not forget the hot tubs and the lazy river. If you’re looking to swim and tan, then this is the place for you.

  1. The Bellagio

Rated the best casino for poker, the Bellagio offers some of the best all-you-can eat buffets and of course, their constant water show. Each poker room is spacious and comfortable, with 40 tables in total. Food, massage, and drinks services are offered tableside even while you play.

  1. Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa 

This is one of the best casinos in Vegas that isn’t on the strip. This resort-casino features pools, bars, a bowling alley, bingo, movie theaters, and of course, a gambling floor. The Red Rock Casinos most noted restaurants are the steakhouse “T-bones Chophouse” and the Italian food place, Masso Osteria.

  1. South Point Casino

The South Point Casino and Hotel is a mid-range casino with movies, bowling, spa, and restaurants. The swimming pool is massive, and they have a showroom featuring different entertainers scheduled.

  1. El Cortez Hotel and Casino

El Cortez Hotel and Casino located on Fremont Street is the oldest running casino in Las Vegas. It doesn’t have the fanciest of hotel suites compared to the rest on the list, but they do take care to keep a clean vintage atmosphere. Plus, you can usually find better deals here. If you’re looking to save money for other activities, then this is a great option. Rooms come standard with two beds meant for families which may feel a bit awkward for solo travelers.

  1. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

If you’re looking for the best food, the Cosmopolitan is for you. This is the Casino where the Kardashians spend most of their time. The restaurants here are high-class, with menus we can’t always read, but food that always tastes way too good.

  1. Caesars Palace 

Known for its Roman inspired architecture and statues, Caesars Palace is a great option for those with a heart for sports. Their sports machines let you make bets in real time watching game with other fans. You can also check out the indoor Forum Shops for luxury shopping and window shopping.

  1. Circus Circus

Circus Circus is one of the more family-friendly casinos, which makes it great for solo visitors who have a heart for adventure and fun, rather than just gambling. It’s a circus inside a casino, so you can enjoy whatever sort or carnival dreams you desire. They give free lessons in common card games like blackjack and roulette every morning at 10:30 a.m. 

  1. MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is one of the best casinos for non-gamblers because it features an adult oriented arcade named “Level Up.” They also have focus-group television where you can see shows before they get released or shows that never get released. Also, fun fact: their bronze lion is the largest bronze statue in the United States. 

Las Vegas Safety 


Is Las Vegas safe for females to visit while traveling solo? Yes. Las Vegas itself has a city crime rate about average with the rest of the United States, but tight laws and increased safety precautions make it safe for travelers, including females traveling solo. The overall risk level for Las Vegas is low. When it comes to vacationing, the tourist attractions in Las Vegas are much safer than most other places in the world. There is a high police, security, bouncers, cameras, and surveillance presence (both inside and out of establishments) which deter most predators. These are, of course, located primarily near major tourist attractions and casinos.

For solo female travelers, the safest places in Las Vegas, as in any city, are near the tourist attractions.

Areas of Caution


Las Vegas is safe if you stay near tourist attractions and the Paradise, Nevada area. You can get hotel rooms directly inside the casinos which also have valet services and shuttles to and from the airport. If you decide to travel or stay outside of the more popular hotels and attractions, just know that your risk does go up. Certain areas of Las Vegas are known for drug and sex trafficking problems which can be more dangerous when traveling alone. The following are areas we recommend you stay away from while traveling or planning your stay.

  • Downtown Las Vegas
  • East Las Vegas / Whitney
  • West Las Vegas
  • Meadows Village
  • Naked City
  • Huntridge
  • Sunrise
  • Buffalo
  • Charleston Heights
  • Twin Lakes
  • Michael Way

Safety Tips 

  • When traveling throughout Las Vegas, be wary of con artists and other patrons who seem too friendly. Watch your drinks and keep personal items close, even while gambling.
  • Use reliable forms of transportation. Most casinos and hotels will have taxi or shuttle services you can use getting around the city or to and from the airport.
  • Be aware of scams. Don’t give out personal information.
  • If you gamble, know your limits. Statistically, the house always wins, so be sure to set clear limits. Gambling addictions are real, and you can lose everything.
  • Stick to crowded areas. People mean safety.
  • Place valuables in your hotel room safe. Flashy jewelry and clothing can make you a target.
  • Learn to identify security personnel in case problems arise. 

Covid Guidelines and Restrictions in Las Vegas 

You can check out Nevada’s official guidelines on their website. Casino specific guidelines can be found here.

  • Masks are required in public transportation.
  • Masks are recommended for those not fully vaccinated.
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